Our reintegration programme supports our participants to rebuild their lives post-incarceration and reduce their chances of reoffending.

The Siyakhana Programme starts in the last phase of the individual’s release and puts him/her on a course of positively reintegrating back into society. With reducing the likelihood of re-offending as the aim, this programme centres around two components – Personal Development and Entrepreneurial Development – with a holistic curriculum that supports the emotional, social, educational and economic needs of our participants.

Over a 5-month period, participants are given tools and knowledge identifies and build small businesses that will help them earn a living and become self-sufficient.

Personal Development

We believe that developing the individual is as important as developing entrepreneurial capacity. As with all our programmes, we believe that successful entrepreneurs are developed from the inside out. This component of the programme therefore develops the personal capacity of participants through modules such as:

  • Developing a personal vision and mission statement
  • Independent thinking and setting goals
  • Self-awareness and self-reflection
  • Developing the leader within
  • Effective communication and professionalism in the workplace
  • Being a positive actor society

Entrepreneurial Development

This component is based on the award-winning Micro-MBA course – a modular competency based course that covers the basics of small business management through modules such as:

  • Investigating the market
  • Finding the gap
  • Using a calculator
  • Buying
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Selling
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Stock Control
  • Money Management

Throughout the 5-month programme, participants are mentored and supported by YiPSA’s trained facilitators, at a personal and group level. As mentors, the facilitators support participants in managing the challenges and responsibilities of entrepreneurship and living independently.

  • More than learning about how to turn my dreams into a reality, I found a family of people that believe in me and my potential.

    YiPSA Siyakhana Programme Participant
    YiPSA Siyakhana Programme Participant Johannesburg, 2015
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