Young in Prison South Africa (YiPSA) is a non-profit organisation that offers a holistic programme, which seeks to prepare children and youth in conflict with law in making the transition from incarceration back into society through imparting life skills for behaviour change, offering skills development for effective reintegration and reducing reoffending.  

YiPSA uses a unique methodology of teaching life skills using creative and performing arts, sports and literacy. We offer our services in correctional facilities, child and youth-care centres and communities in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  

YiPSA looks at rehabilitation holistically from the perspective of the individual, community and institution. We seek to develop the skills of young offenders and ex-offenders so that they are empowered to advocate for issues that affect their development and enable them to actively and positively engage in society.


YiPSA directly responds to the need for South Africa to deal effectively with the issue of young people participating in gang activity, taking drugs and committing violent crimes. This issue is deeply rooted in the legacy of apartheid and the post-democratic state’s challenge in eradicating all forms of poverty that leads to inequality and unemployment. As a result of this many young people are turning to crime and our current criminal justice system is not adequately designed to prepare them for re-entry as empowered individuals. There is a strong emphasis on imposing long and harsh sentences with no adequate resources to change behaviour. YiPSA has thus designed a holistic programme ‘Siyakhana – Building Each Other’ that intervenes on all levels that affect a young person in conflict with the law to ensure effective preparation for re-entry back into society.

Rehabilitation Programme

The Rehabilitation Programme consists of projects that are administered within the Correctional centre and/or Child and Youth-Care centres. These projects are administered by YiPSA facilitators who teach the designed life-skills contained in the Young in Prison methodology handbook. Within the programme, they are exposed to various life-skills using arts and/or sports for positive uplifment and empowerment. The Siyakhana programme’s effectiveness is in the way it targets the problem holistically, thus the programme also transcends to include the community and the institution through presentations done by the primary target group.

Projects under this programme
Inside Out-Magazine Making   
Theatre Storm
Soccer Club

Reintegration Programme

The Reintegration Programme consists of projects that are aimed at aiding youth in conflict with the law post-institutionalisation. The programme starts in the last phase of the individual’s release and puts him/her on a course of positively reintegrating back into society. YiPSA offers a bridging programme for the individual in his/her transition between the institution and community. The main goal of the programme is to ensure that the needs of the individual and community are harnessed and complement each other to reduce reoffending on the part of the individual. YiPSA focusses on skills development for employment and/or entrepreneurship within the programme. This is very important in ensuring that former youth in conflict with the law do not reoffend and pursue positive and economically.

Projects under this programme 
Post-Release and Job Placement:   
Level 1: Pre-release support  
Level 2: Supporting Personal Effectiveness for Employability 
Level 3: Supporting Personal Effectiveness for Entrepreneurship

Advocacy Programme

Advocacy programme consists of projects that are aimed at advancing the YiPSA vision within communities and government institutions. This programme provides effective support and implementation platform for the rehabilitation and reintegration programmes. This programme utilises the success stories from the primary target group ‘the individual’ who become ambassadors to advance the YiPSA vision and educate the communities on issues of youth participation in crime. YiPSA utilises exhibitions, social dialogues and schools presentations to get in touch with the communities and have policy dialogues on institutional level.

Projects under this programme
Care-Workers Project/ Social Dialogue for Wardens
Siyakhana Ambassadors
Insider Art
Memeza-Shout it Out


YiPSA has a management board which functions as an advisory and oversight body. The board members represent a diverse group of people with skills, knowledge and dedication for the advancement of YiPSA’s vision of building a safer South Africa through the empowerment of youth at risk

Lukas Muntingh

Michelle Connan

Pearl Nel
Marketing & Events

Tina Lorizzo


YiPSA has dedicated staff member with different skills that anchor the organisation and ensures that quality services are delivered to the young people it serves.

Tarisai Mchuchu

Natasha Swain
Finance & Operations Officer

Zamani Ndlovu
Regional Manager

Cinton Osbourn
Programme Manager

Owen Butler
Internal Projects Verifier

Joseph Mofokeng
Life-Skills Facilitator

Tebogo Butie
Life-Skills Facilitator

Vuyokazi Magobiyane
Post-Release Assistant

Tlhabanelo Diholo
Sports Development Coordinator

Nkosinathi Buyana
Service Learning Coordinator

what you can do

Getting involved in YiPSA and assisting in delivering its vision is very easy and fulfilling.
You can get involved by donating or by volunteering and interning. 


Any monetary or in kind donations will be put to good use and help us continue to contribute to a safer South Africa. Below are our banking details should you wish to make an electronic payment or bank transfer. Please provide your name as a reference if you so wish.  

Account Name: Young in Prison
Account Number: 1021284556
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Salt River

Or via backabuddy at  

Volunteering / Internship

We welcome any interested and committed individuals to be part of our organisation on a voluntary basis. It is a fascinating area to work in not only for students and social workers, but for anyone who has an interest in development, or even just in helping one individual change their life in a positive way.

Take a look at our programmes page to get an idea of exactly what we do. Or feel free to present a project or idea of your own.

You qualify to be an intern at YiPSA if you meet the following criteria:

• Enthusiasm  and experience in empowering and working with young people
ŸŸ• Passionate about creative arts, sports and education
• Passionate about leadership development
• Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
• Believes in second chances with commitment to juvenile justice issues
• Effective and dedicated to presenting and doing quality work
• Good computer skills
• Willingness to learn and apply lessons learnt
• Passionate about social media

Interns usually serve between 3-6 months up to a year with Young in Prison. Before all interns start they undergo an assessment with the Service-Learning Co-ordinator who will be able to determine which programme their skills are best suited for. Upon completion of the assessment all interns for the intake period shall have to undergo training that will be prepare them for working in the centres that we work in with. The training will also provide a glimpse into how YiPSA functions as an organisation in order to be effective.

sponsors & partners



Insideout Magazine

This is YiPSA signature brand and primary project. It caters for all ages within the target group and is not designed for a specific crime. Inside Out is a concept and methodology that YiPSA uses to teach young offenders life skills and self-development by engaging them with the performing and visual arts. In these workshops, the facilitator takes the participants through a confrontational journey of the ‘self within’ and how they can develop into young adults with dignity. 

YiPSA uses the concept of making the ‘Inside’ strong first before tackling the external ‘Out’, taking cognisance of the gender differences as the methodology is applied in the male and female section respectively. The results are published in a magazine called ‘Inside Out’.

Annual Reports

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